Stop the paper company APP

Stop the paper company APP

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Environmental and human rights organizations denounce that the Indonesian paper mill APP has been destroying tropical forests for years and ignores the rights of the population. On March 4, they denounced the poison spraying on the community of Lubuk Mandarsah. We ask investors and clients to suspend their business with APP.

To meet the growing consumption of paper, pulp and paper companies are cutting down rainforests and converting the land to acacia monocultures. Industry is jointly responsible for the destruction of rainforests, especially in Sumatra. And it is involved in numerous conflicts with the local population, accompanied by violence, intimidation and illegal activities.

The Indonesian multinational Asia Pulp & Paper is one of the largest paper producers in the world. Affected people denounce that on March 4, its subsidiary PT Wirakarya Sakti WKS had sprayed poison with drones on land belonging to the Lubuk Mandarsah community, threatening the livelihood of the population. WKS claims the lands to implement an acacia plantation.

The company denies the accusations

The recent fumigation would not be an isolated case. There are numerous conflicts between APP plantations or their suppliers and the local population. Indonesian non-governmental organizations and the Environmental Paper Network have documented 107 conflicts affecting 350,000 hectares of land.

They say that since 2013, APP promises to respect the rights of the population, and implement the principle of free, prior and informed consent (FPIC), as well as put aside social conflicts. In October 2019, APP claimed to be already working on the resolution of half of the conflicts.

And they denounce that after seven years, the intimidation and violence continue. And that the deforestation of forests leads to new violence and new illegal acts.

Now, 90 environmental and human rights organizations require investors and customers not to do business with APP, its affiliates and suppliers until they carry out radical improvements throughout their entire production chain.

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Source: Save the Jungle

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