Irish Terrier: character and price

Irish Terrier: character and price

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Irish Terrier, a not very widespread breed, in Italy there are few specimens and lucky those who have it because it is an excellent animal, with all the merits and not a single defect of its category, that of Terrier. Her main feature is the fawn, red or orange colored hair, due to its nature it has been nicknamed "sentinel of the people, friend of the farmer, favored by the quality man". This breed is among the oldest selected in Ireland.

Irish Terrier: origins

Undoubtedly this breed was born in Ireland, and it seems to have been present on the island since the Bronze Age, but it was registered at the end of the nineteenth century and the official standard arrived in 1880. Before, in addition to the reddish, there could also have been Irish Terrier black and tan and with a striped coat, it was then decided to breed the breed only in the red color, to remember the hair color of most of the local population.

There is still discussion about the real origins of this dog, many argue that, among the four Irish terriers, it is the oldest but it is a thesis not proven by documents, the fans of others Irish Terriers they protest and the unknown remains. If in doubt, theIrish Terrier already in the last century it has participated in exhibitions with many specimens, thus increasing its fame. It was also used to carry messages between the trenches during the First World War.

Irish Terrier: appearance

Muscular but not heavy, he is a small to medium sized dog, full of substance and with a I look alive, energetic and agile. At the withers it measures about 45 cm and weighs about 12 kg, the trunk is moderately long, the back rather straight and the head elongated with a barely visible stop until the black of the nose.

The ears of theIrish Terrier they are small and V-shaped, they fall forward against the cheek, while the eyes on the red fur come out dark and small, with an expression full of life and intelligence. Like the torso, the limbs are also very muscular and also moderately long, the tail is set high and not too long.

The hair of theIrish Terrier it is hard, in coverage, while the undercoat appears finer and softer, always strictly one-colored bright fawn, corn red or orange. The coat is dense and of rough texture, dense and compact, without absolutely the appearance of strands or curls. On the muzzle it is like on the body, to the touch and in color, but shorter, rather smooth and straight. A slight beard also appears. IS reddish.

Irish Terrier: character

Bred as a hunting dog in the den, and for hunting, theIrish Terrier it is now considered a real companion dog. This is because unlike all or almost all other Terriers, it has a sweet and affectionate character. It is difficult for him to become aggressive. In short: it has all the positive sides of Terriers, without the negative ones.

The thing is different with the similar: in this case the'Irish Terrier he can also appear quarrelsome, so much so that he deserves the nickname "daring little devil", but in the end his reputation for fighting a fight, even in the show rings, is not deserved, it is a bit of a legend.

In general it is a breed with a respectful, obedient, intelligent and cuddly character. He is also easy to train, being loyal to his master, loyal, good-natured, and willing to do anything to defend those he loves. As long as it's not a Terrier like him.

Irish Terrier: puppies

If we take a puppy of this breed of Terrier, first of all we must like red. For the rest he is a very robust dog and has no particular health problems but we must be able to assure him that he will be able to move a lot.

He can live both in the house and in the garden, but he has to exercise a lot because of character is active and sporty, loves to run in open spaces. And it is important that you don't get too fat as you get older, you can also adapt to apartment life and don't spite.

Irish Terrier: breeding

Although not very well known, even compared to other Terriers, ours Irish Terrier in Italy it is found according to Enci in 5 recognized farms. Two are in Emilia Romagna, in the province of Bologna and Forlì-Cesena, one in Sicily, in the Trapani area, and the other two are in Tuscany, in the province of Grosseto and Florence.

Irish Terrier: price

A young specimen of Irish Terrier it can cost between 500 and 700 euros. In breeding, then there are other options such as online ads and my favorite: the kennel. You can also look for this breed which in the last year has tripled its presence in our beautiful country.

From the 11 specimens registered by Enci in 2014, it increased to 31 in 2015, continuing in this way could become one of the next most popular companion dogs. Perhaps also for that red hair that identifies it well.

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