Red chicory, cultivation

Red chicory, cultivation

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Red chicory, cultivation, sowing, soil and transplanting. Treatments and info on the varieties available, sweet radicchio and bitter radicchio.

Who seekscold-resistant vegetablescan definitely bet onradicchio. THEradicchiothey belong to the Compositae family and, in all their varieties, derive fromwild chicory. Of the chicory, they retain the knotty scape, the consistent leaves and the fresh flavor with a bitter note.

There are manyvariety of radicchioselected for color, shape, tenderness and flavor. Depending on the variety chosen, theradicchioyou cancultivateall the year.

Small curiosity:radicchio is frequented by pollinating insects that cross-fertilize the chicory, radicchio and endive plants in the vicinity.

Variety of Radicchio

The varieties are many, the most popular and well known are theradicchio from Treviso which has elongated dark red tufts, the Verona radicchio, with tightly hooded leaves and the variegated Chioggia radicchio with voluminous and mottled tufts.

Still, we appreciate the radicchio di Castelfranco and the rose of Gorizia, smaller and more compact. Treviso red radicchio is traditionally used for the preparation of recipe for Venetian risotto.

Sweet radicchio, what is it?

Timescultivate radicchiobut you want to choose onevarietywith a more delicate and sweet flavor? All theradicchiohave a notebitterbut that moresweetit is undoubtedly the variegated radicchio of Chioggia. The variegated radicchio variety of Chioggia is sown once and harvested for 10 months and has a sweeter flavor than the others.

Red chicory, cultivation

For sowing (period and depth) rely on the indications you see on the back of the package of your seeds. Each variety has its own story. Theresowing of radicchioit is carried out using 5 -8 seeds per hole.

If you are starting with already developed plants, choose moderately fertile and well-drained soil.

It can be grown easily in the vegetable garden and in the garden: it does not fear stony or dusty soils. It prefers acid soils with a pH reaction between 6 and 6.8.

Before theplanting of radicchio, prepare the soil with care: you need fertile soil where you will dig deep to bury, if necessary, some mature manure. There cultivation in the garden it takes place on rows 30 - 40 cm apart.

Cultivating radicchio, care

It is important to keep the flower beds clean by eliminating weeds. For the small vegetable garden, you can eradicate the weeds manually while in the case of more aesthetic furrows, use a hoe or harrow.

THEradicchiothey need constant irrigation because they suffer from water shortages. Avoid subjecting the radicchio to water stress: if you intervene with abundant irrigation after a long period of drought, you risk obtaining a product that is not of high quality. The Chioggia radicchio, to achieve its flavorsweet, must be able to count on a moist soil and constant irrigation.

Autumn cultivation (with winter harvest) does not require irrigation thanks to seasonal rains.

With the arrival of winter cold, cover the crops with non-woven fabric even if iradicchiowithstand temperatures down to - 4 ° C. The arrival of cold weather, especially in Southern Italy, shouldn't scare you: winter cultivation allows you to get very crunchy leaves thanks to the cold.

Radicchio with yellow leaves

If theradicchiohas yellowed leaves, is a victim of water stagnation. Spend irrigation and adjust the soil making it more draining.

Raw or cooked radicchio

Radicchio can be eaten raw or cooked. It is excellent grilled, grilled, in a pan, baked or marinated. Perfect for salads and to accompany bites of cheese. Cooked, it can be used in any course so that you have an entire page dedicated to cooked radicchio.

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